PrestaShop Scalability on AWS servers

PrestaShop Scalability on AWS servers. Found this really nice guide on setting up a highly available prestashop installation on AWS. up to 20k simultaneous users. Haven’t tested this setup yet, but it seems reasonable. Tweet

GRUB fix the boot

If the boot – manager hasn’t been properly installed….   sudo apt-get install grub grub-install /dev/sdX           [X is substituted by e.g.   the letter a sda from /dev] You could run : blkid and find the right disk this way then type and follow grub commands grub-install –recheck /dev/sdX   […]

Network can’t be reestablished after SLEEP / HIBERNATE – Lenovo G780 Ubuntu 13.10 [solved]

This is a quick fix only:   When waking up from sleep or hibernate the ubuntu network isn’t working properly and no networks can be found. Press ctrl – alt – t and start a terminal window. type the following: sudo service network-manager restart Type your account password and you should see the network system […]

Move your ubuntu home folder to new hdd

This is merely a link post I know I know…., but I was searching for a nice and easy way to move my home folder to a secondary harddisk in my Lenovo Ideapad G780. I followed the HOWTO at It is a really well explained guide and walkthrough every aspect of moving your home […]